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Abandoned by Words


Gloria Swanson in Cecile B. DeMille’s   Silent Movie “Male and Female” (1919)

      I am having one of those days when it comes to writing.  You may know the feeling.  The one that goes like this:  EVERYTHING SUCKS!

I started a blog article.  I jotted down about a dozen thoughts.  I started writing about it.  Five minutes later, I was completely bored with it.  I wanted to puke at the intensity of how boring it was.  It was going nowhere fast.  It was about aging.  Ten minutes of writing and I felt like I’d already thrown away a precious hour of my life.

So I hit save and opened up a new page to write this.   Pop!  Fizz!  Relief!  This I can do.  Short and sweet.  Talking myself through the boring partsJust say it like you’d tell a friend my fingers type:

  • Mama said there’d be days like this.
  • Not every idea is a great idea.
  • Sometimes words fail us.  Sometimes we fail the words.
  • Sometimes we’re distracted by other things, people, events, sounds, thoughts in our head!
  • Sometimes we type five words and then watch the cursor go blink, blink, blink….

It could be writer’s block.  Or writer’s boredom.  Or tiredness.  I’m not sure.  I only know, that it doesn’t mean the capacity to write, this cursed gift has leftIt just means the timing is wrong.    Like every great unfinished love and attempts at dancing, sometimes the timing is just off.    Way off!

It’s okay.  Blow your words a kiss and say, “I’ll be seeing you soon—sweetheart!” in a Bogart-like way in your head.  Uncork a bottle of Lost Angel Cabernet Sauvignon!  Put on some smooth Jazz…maybe a little Art Blakely and the Jazz Messengers.  Do a little “Moaning”.   Loosen up your tie.  Loose the bra.  Take a few slow sips of last year’s grapes.  Call the cat up on the lap.  Toss the cat.  Stand up.  Close your eyes.  Start swaying the hips.  You’re leaving now.  Leaving here and going back to that place.  You know where. 

     Okay, hit save here.  Gotta go.  Time to write for real.