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Truth, Lies, and Light

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth — Picasso

Picasso as photographed by Gjon Mili

LIFE photographer — 1949/South of France

    Hello writers!

    So what “art” inspires you?  Is it a painting in a gallery?  A sunset provided by a force way bigger than you could ever grasp?  A newborn baby’s powdery skin?  A photograph of an impoverished village where one child stands out?  Your first kiss?   The Northern Lights?  Listening to Rachmaninoff’s “Hungarian Rhapsody”?  The memory of someone you never got over?  Standing in the center of a powerful storm?

     Chances are if you are a writer, it’s because you were affected by something or someone.  So do something with it!   Cause an effect in someone else’s  life.  If you’ve been writing for a while now, you’re probably already finding you are getting to know someone special that you never knew this well, until now–you!    Isn’t it amazing the thoughts and stories and topics you want to give shape to and find meaning in?   You are so interesting; who knew?

      I hope when you write, you find illumination as you walk towards your truth, as you find your story, as you get closer to understanding your story–getting to the root of all that you are.  All that has happened, all that you ponder, all that you wish for, these are all things compelling you to create.

     So do it!  Walk towards the light that is trying to break through your darkness in order to light your path.

     And may you be encouraged today!