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Miss Understood

painter girl ff

You just don’t get it.  You don’t hear what I’m trying to say.

Do you ever have this mental, maybe verbal conversation in life?  With people?  With readers?  With the voices in your own head?


How do you overcome doubt?  How to you stave off confusion?  How do you avoid miscommunication?  How do you convey most accurately what you are trying to say?

How do you avoid being Miss Understood?

Answer:  You don’t.

In writing, and in life whenever we open our mouth, or put words out there,  we do so knowing that words mean things.  That doesn’t mean everyone’s ears and mind are tuned in on the same frequency.  Words tumble out and risk is assumed.

Writing true assumes risk.  Risk of failure, risk of discovery, risk of opening doors you haven’t opened before or don’t want to open but probably will anyway.

One person makes a statement or asks a question.   Another  person hears an ulterior motive or perceives a criticism.   You write a sentence crafted from an artistic mind.    Someone else asks “are you okay?”

You laugh.  You know the truth.  We are completely separate from our writing, our painting, our sculpting, or our composing.   We are not our art.  We are completely different indeed. 

Or are we?

What are you brave enough to write today at the risk of being Miss Understood?