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The One That Got Away


       Sigh…..Who doesn’t think about it from time to time.  You know, the one that got away?  Did you have one?  

      Maybe it was a person.  Maybe they seemed perfect and you didn’t feel you were enough.  Maybe it was all in your head.  Perhaps it ended in disaster or tragedy and no good-byes were said.   Or you weren’t ready yet to be more, so someone else stepped up to the plate. 

      Or maybe it’s not a someone, but a something.  You lost something of value or perhaps it was taken from you.  You were careless and misplaced it and now you can’t get it back.  You weren’t paying attention and now it is gone forever.  You missed a deadline and the opportunity passed.   You let fear stop you, so you’ll never know what you could have had.

       Once you had a dream.  Remember?  What was it that you knew you could do, before doubt entered your mind?  Who slipped out of your life because you were afraid to be more then you were or are?  What is it you would do, if life offered you no resistance?  No doubt, no fear, no shame, no obstacles, no time restraints, no excuses on your part?

     Though you cry, the one thing that doesn’t return to us is time. Time for a do-over has passed.  That’s because sometimes….

Later never comes

      Sometimes the only opportunity for a life changing moment is this this one.  Now!  Right here, right now. 

      Maybe you’re different.  Maybe carpe diem is more than your motto, but your standard operating procedure.  If so, more power to you.   By all means, keep going.   

       Find your passion, your dream, your love and pursue it with all your heart.  Our days may be finite, but the potential for possibilities that lie within us is infinite!


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
–Thomas A. Edison

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”
–Mark Twain

What would be the use of immortality to a person who cannot use well a half an hour.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.”
–William Shakespeare

“May you live all the days of your life.”
–Jonathan Swift





Sweeny Todd JDepp and HBCarter

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in “Sweeney Todd”


You burden me with your questions
You’d have me tell no lies
You’re always asking what it’s all about
But don’t listen to my replies
You say to me I don’t talk enough
But when I do I’m a fool
These times I’ve spent, I’ve realized
I’m going to shoot through
And leave you

EMF – “Unbelievable”

       So I’m having this WRITER’s problem.  Ok, stop.  Back up. That’s a bit of an oxymoron because I haven’t finished a great work yet.  I’ve never been published.  I dream of finishing a work of fiction.  I start lots of stories.  I’ve finished zero of them.  Why?

      I feel like Woody Allen when he said, “Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.”  Here’s my problem.  I start a lot of stories.  I sit at the computer and have marathon typing experiences!  Like a car’s tachometer, the words keep tumbling out 3000, 4000, 5000, 9000…’re approaching the red zone, slow down, it’s almost morning and you need some sleep.  Let’s take a look-see at what we’ve got here.

And there in the problem reveals itself.  While my characters were busy zigzagging around through time and relationships, somewhere along the way they dropped a few important things: Plot, dilemma, resolution.  Dialogue that makes sense!  The characters, the words they say, the events that happen in a short span of time, are frankly:


        It reads back like a Jerry Springer episode on steroids.  I confuse my own self.  I start too many subplots and don’t know how in the world I’ll ever be able to tie it all together.   Bing! Hit SAVE.   Then file it in the FINISH LATER folder, which is only one tier above the recycle bin.

In a few hours I’ll crawl minute by minute through the day lamenting the curses and gifts of a writer’s existence, or at least a writer’s mindset.

I have quite a few published friends.  I am truly happy for them.  I want to join them.  But I seem to start out on the journey, get sidetracked in the story, and then to complicate things further, get sidetracked by my own life, and how to utilize the few increments of time we’re given to manage each day, that  rapidly accumulate into months and years.  I hem.  I haw.  I make excuses.  But the truth is this: 

       I don’t finish what I start.

    Simple as that.  No therapy required.  I don’t have to look past my kitchen sink most days to see the pattern.  Somewhere between 50 and 90 percent of a task, I quit.  I stray.  I am distracted by the least little thing.  Then things stack up, everything becomes urgent, a hundred tasks have to be tended to, and then as the last small brushfire is just about put out, a crisis of epic proportions arrives, and for dessert another one arrives, maybe three.

Looks like it’s time to find a full time job because a part time job and a sporadic hobby of non-paid blogging don’t pay the bills.  Quick!  It’s an emergency!  Go get a job yesterday already as I briefly pay attention to my inner reality check.

Guess what?  Being that I don’t finish what I start, the dusty old resume never quite gets finished.  Kind of like my stories.  So feeling the full weight of fiscal pressure, an amazing thing happens!  Inspiration.

Because Woody Allen, pessimistic sardonic genius that he is, reminds me of this simple truth:

“Because it’s much more pleasant to be obsessed over how the hero gets out of his predicament than it is over how I get out of mine.”

There you have it.  Reality-avoidance issues, dreamer mentality, occasionally peppered with blinding optimism all rolled into one: me. 

It’s time to write!  Right now.  Roll those sleeves up because it’s hammer time.  Step by step is how we get to the FINISH LINE.  And when we do, it’s going to feel unbelievable!

And if you’re having a bit of writer’s block today, enjoy the complimentary music link here.  And jump around!  Can’t hurt.  Might help!  Ciao!

Clandestinely Cheerful


(Therapy song to get your smile on)

Okay, so life hasn’t been a bowl of peaches lately.  It’s been the pits. In fact, it’s been pure anarchy, bedlam, chaos, and disorder– a real A to Z list of mad maladies all the way up to the zymosis of your mind.   It’s all hit the fan again and there ain’t nothing you can do about it baby.

Except write.  Eat.  Sleep.  Work.  Then write.  Then write some more.  Keep it simple.  Just do it.  Write.

All those things in life you can’t control can be reshaped and remolded into words.  Let black and white be your color.  Let black and blue be your drama.  Let black on black be your humor.  Let your black be others light.

Let go.  But hold on.  Don’t hold back.  You’ve got something to say.

Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone this.   Even in the bleakest moments, you secretly know life is being filtered thru a lens that others can’t see.  You see the other side.  You know–the one where it’s all sunshine, daisies, and lollipops.

Or at least beauty.  Truth is beauty.  Write true, beautifully.

Don’t stop until you get there.

Very cool! No such thing as coincidence! Something I firmly believe!

Welcome Writers!

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