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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


Perspective is everything isn’t it?   I find when I write,  especially when attempting to write a fiction story, it’s a bit like this photo above.  So many angles to everything!!  As a writer who is fascinated with architecture, I marvel at the science of geometry that goes into constructing a round dome completely out of triangles.

This desert environment at the NC Zoo in Asheboro is preserved from winter’s harshness by creating a completely controlled, dry and warm environment year round for the cacti to thrive.   Not only are sunlight and warmth  preserved, but it feels as if you exist in two places simultaneously:  inside and outside.

Writing coherently is like geometry.  You write a story with lots of angles, but in the end, you have to figure out how to tie all your plots and characters together.  Just like the dome above, you bring your readers full circle by the construction of angles.  You take your readers to another time, another place; you take them outside of themselves.   Then you take them deeper still.   You hold up a mirror, using paper and words, and force them to look inside and outside of themselves.

Geometry in architecture, in words, and in life–it’s a beautiful thing.

What dimension will you write about today?  How will you connect your characters across time and space to one another?

Enjoy your writing today as your play with the shape of your words!