Clandestinely Cheerful


(Therapy song to get your smile on)

Okay, so life hasn’t been a bowl of peaches lately.  It’s been the pits. In fact, it’s been pure anarchy, bedlam, chaos, and disorder– a real A to Z list of mad maladies all the way up to the zymosis of your mind.   It’s all hit the fan again and there ain’t nothing you can do about it baby.

Except write.  Eat.  Sleep.  Work.  Then write.  Then write some more.  Keep it simple.  Just do it.  Write.

All those things in life you can’t control can be reshaped and remolded into words.  Let black and white be your color.  Let black and blue be your drama.  Let black on black be your humor.  Let your black be others light.

Let go.  But hold on.  Don’t hold back.  You’ve got something to say.

Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone this.   Even in the bleakest moments, you secretly know life is being filtered thru a lens that others can’t see.  You see the other side.  You know–the one where it’s all sunshine, daisies, and lollipops.

Or at least beauty.  Truth is beauty.  Write true, beautifully.

Don’t stop until you get there.

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About Liz Gray

Loves to write! Writes at: (Just a Jesus Girl who is also inspired by the music of U2) (Life is complicated; then there's Liz) (This writer's journey; what's your story?)

3 responses to “Clandestinely Cheerful”

  1. Jana Greene says :

    Yes. Yes. YES. The Writing LIfe captured beautifully. I’m SO glad YOU write!

  2. beeseeker says :

    Hope everything is OK with you and yours, but that’s a super piece of writing, loved the repetition, the complicated simpliity and the eventual optimism. Respect!

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