Counter Pull

Photo Credit:  Yaunik Chovin

     This is the hardest part about writing:

  • The phone rings (Requests outnumber friends calling to chat)
  • There are mountains of laundry that still must be scaled (back)
  • Bills still need to be paid
  • The Day Job
  • Other Commitments
  • We’re hungry
  • Could you help with ….
  • The phone rings again (another request is on hold)

Sometimes life is counterintuitive to writing.  We are brimming with ideas and we have no time.  We have insomnia again but our great ideas and stories are tucked in bed and are sleeping soundly.    We’re so exhausted when we finally sit down to write, all that comes out is word salad.  Great ideas sometimes simmer in obscurity for a while, until we have time to reduce them to their essential truth. 

How do you make time to write?  Drop everything when inspiration hits?  Schedule “writing time” in your calendar?  What works best for you?

What is your secret to fighting counter pull?

All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.             Khalil Gibran



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2 responses to “Counter Pull”

  1. beeseeker says :

    Rock and roll hero of mine said in a radio interview (something like)” I have a book, when something touches me, good or bad I write it down, sometimes the work is there immediately, sometimes it shuffles in later …. and makes sense”; so that’s what I do, except sometimes it’s not a book it’s a piece of paper, then the potential germ” gets worked over and, maybe added to the book …
    The other pull against writing/publishing for me is (I guess for most) “is it worth it?/am I saying anything new?/why am I doing it?

    • Liz Gray says :

      Thanks so much for the reply and reading. I feel the same way. Lots of my writing starts out on little scraps and bits of paper and doesn’t have life breathed into it until I have some uninterrupted time to reflect. It is indeed hard to contemplate the publishing world and its tangled webs. Sometimes I wonder if this is the REAL reason I don’t complete some of my stories–fear of that whole scene and the rejection that sometimes comes. It’s easier to just blog. Don’t give up though. Good things come to those who wait!!

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