Love to write! Write to Love!

I saw this pic on FB and had to share it.  Underneath was a quote from a writer I wrote my high school senior thesis on:  Lord Byron.  I couldn’t tell you a single thing about him, except this one quote which I easily memorized because it’s so true.  It’s about not having regrets in this life!

Lord Byron said, “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been.”

It’s true.  A day without writing can almost feel like a day without sunshine.  Even when the words are evasive, our thoughts are scattered, and our real life pulls us in a thousand different directions.  Don’t let today go by without writing just a few thoughts.   Don’t let the story in your head, be the best seller, or maybe just the published or shared that might have been.  

I hope you feel worthy of writing and I hope today you found time to write.

I hope as you wrote, you found pain diminishing, joy increasing, and love magnifying as you got in touch with your inner passion!

I hope you wrote true!  True to who you are, not to please an inner or outward critic, but because the story you have to tell gives you joy.  Perhaps your story will help someone.  Perhaps it is just for entertainment or information.  Either way, your words matter.

Whether we speak or write, our words are like precious treasure.  They are tools that can help others heal or find meaning or enjoyment in life.

OK, back to work now.  Get back to your writing and do that thing you love!

Be encouraged.  Keep going!!

Write on!


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One response to “Love to write! Write to Love!”

  1. beverley babb says :

    You’re making ME want to write, my dearest daughter, You can’t believe how many little memory snippets spring to life when I’m reading your words.

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