About Me (Liz)

I’ve been passionate about writing since I started passing notes in class in elementary school.  Now instead of folding written words hoping to reach one person, in May 2012 I started blogging about writing and life in general.    I find writing sometimes feels as if one is standing naked in front of strangers.

What will people see?  Stark beauty?  Hilarity?   Tragedy?  Nothing at all?

As a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, worker, volunteer, and temporary sojourner on this big blue marble, I find there is an endless well of inspiration to write about.

Writing, photography, videography, reading, travelling, listening to music (especially U2) and eating all that is yummy are my favorite hobbies.

Thanks for checking out this blog about the journey we take as writers and feel free to check out my other blogs too!

u2areloved.com (U2 is the music soundtrack that sings me, so I find endless inspiration and wisdom from their musical influence and often couple it with my Christian faith that sustains me.)

LizLogic.wordpress.com  (Life is complicated; then there’s Liz!  Here I blog about all that is mundane, overwhelming, bizarre, tragic, trivial, quirky, moving, magnificent, whimsical, and well, just about everything.  Kind of like an “Oddities and Uniquities” shop for words!

Thanks for checking out my blogs; please introduce yourself to me—I love getting to know other readers and writers.  Be blessed!

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